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Xtralis FastTrace 2
Xtralis FastTrace 2

Xtralis offers the FastTrace 2, but will it deliver what you require? For a brief guide to its potential, Benchmark takes a look under the skin of the video transmission product.

What is it?

Xtralis has offered the Adpro FastTrace for some time now. In a nutshell, FastTrace is a video transmission product with on-board recording. Supported by most RVRCs, the product has earned a good reputation for quality and performance. What’s more, installers and integrators seem to like it because it works.

Adpro FastTrace 2 is, unsurprisingly given its name, the second generation incarnation of the FastTrace solution. It delivers video and audio transmission, on-board recording and optional analytics.

The solution is ideal for single or multiple site applications, and can be used together with Adpro video management and monitoring software.

Is it IP?

It all depends. If you want it to be an IP-enabled solution, then IP-enabled it will be. If you don’t, fear not! In fact, the FastTrace 2 comes in three flavours. There is an analogue only version, as well as an IP only model.

For those who are in transition, or who want to leverage existing CCTV investment while adding IP-enabled elements to their systems, there is a hybrid variant too.


Only if you want them! The drive for analytics has seen more analytics-enabled devices appearing in the market. As with many analytics-ready devices, the functionality on the FastTrace 2 is optional. This means that if you have an application that can’t or doesn’t want to use analytics, you’re not paying for them.

The choices are for outdoor perimeter protection and indoor loitering protection. Xtralis has been involved in analytics for some time, and prior to that offered one of the most advanced video motion detection systems, so they do know their way around the technology.

A few more specifications?

The FastTrace 2 is available with support for up to 16 cameras (8 analogue + 8 IP for the hybrid version). Currently supported IP cameras include Samsung, Sony (5th generation), Arecont Vision, Sanyo and Axis models. The unit uses H.264 compression, and maximum resolutions are 4CIF for analogue cameras and HD resolution for IP cameras.

Frame rates are up to 25ips, and each video input has an associated audio input and output. On the recording side, each unit can support up to four SATA drives, of up to 2TB each.

The unit has integral inputs and outputs, and these can be expanded to 128 via optional Ethernet PoE modules. Each video channel can also have four VMD windows enabled.

Finally, with regard to connectivity, the unit has a LAN connection for up to Gigabit ethernet, as well as USB-RS232 and RS232/485 for telemetry. There’s also a wide range of communications options.

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